Sunday, 23 October 2011

plastic Injection Molding, Thermosets, Thermoplastics, Polymers

This video will explain you that how the plastic injection molding works.

Plastic injection molding is the method which is mainly used to manufacture parts of thermosetting also thermoplastic materials. In this molding work, the scrap material is put into a box. temperature is given to that box  so as to get a plastic design.
Plastic injection molding is generally used to manufacture car parts, and can be utilized so as to get large car parts as well as small parts. 

The essential difference is that thermoplastics remain permanently fusible so that they will soften and eventually melt when heat is applied, whereas cured thermoset polymers do not soften, and will only char and break down at high temperatures. This allows thermoplastic materials to be reclaimed and recycled.
The reason for this is that thermoplastics have relatively weak forces of attraction between the chains, which are overcome when the material is heated, unlike thermosets, where the cross-linking of the molecules is by strong chemical bonds. Effectively the thermoset is one large molecule, with no crystalline structure.
Compared with thermoplastics, thermosets are generally harder, more rigid and more brittle, and their mechanical properties are not heat sensitive. They are also less soluble in organic solvents.

Working of Fuel Level Sensor In Mechanical Engineering

This vidoe will expalin you that how the fuel tank level sensor works. there is ECM provided and EVAP monitor it. It is used in inspection area.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Detail Guide From Final year Project Selection To its Completion

Every project needs good management so that your project should be best and end with some achievements. Be it a mechanical engineering project or some other project, it is necessary and important to strictly follow certain steps for higher efficiency and success rate. If you are a mechanical engineer then your project preparation is the key to success. Here I will discuss some things about the final year project. How to select it and how to manage it.
You project must Value Addition:
Always select such kind of project that is actually the addition of value. Don’t ever pick just any project because your advisor or supervisor handed over it to you or your friend suggested it to you. This means that you must choose a kind of a project which has some substance. As a mechanical engineer you must select a project which is either beneficial to a lot of people or improve your skill technical and managerial both. You project must play its role towards a positive growth in that particular field. Consider how will it affect your growth in terms of learning as an engineer and how will it affect other propel? So for this purpose, do a “need assessment” of your project which will let you know the need and value of the project.
Concentrate on Your Area of Interest:
Being a student of mechanical engineering, I have experienced it many times. I have seen many of my fellows selecting projects out of the scope of their interest. Many engineers select their project without looking at their interest and select it randomly. Which is totally wrong? During the selection of our final year project, my team also did the same. First of all gather the team ideas about the final year project and then select one of them which you will feel better for you.
Get to know the objective and scope of your project:
This is very important; the scope of your project. Before finalizing selection of your project, you need to know the scope of your project. You must know whether the scope of your project is within your resources? Can you do it within available resources in your college, university and labs?
Take the project and execution seriously:
Now that you have finally picked up a project, make sure that you execute and complete it seriously and put your heart into it. Show your responsibility as a team player. Being irresponsible in the field of mechanical engineering is non-tolerable and a mechanical engineer can never survive without being responsible. Remember that as a mechanical engineer whatever you do or build, it’s going to effect a lot of people, so do it accurately and precisely with maximum efficiency.
Make a schedule (Gantt Chart) and stick to it:
Doing mechanical engineering projects preparation entails a lot of thought and careful planning. Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and make a schedule for each. This chart or schedule that you will make is called “Gantt Chart”. Of course, in order to be successful in your undertaking, you have to make sure that you follow the plan to the letter. Doing so will allow you to complete the project within your allotted time frame.
Consult your advisor and guide at all stages:
This is a very common mistake that many of the mechanical engineering students make. They don’t consult their advisors on regular basis. Always keep I mind that there is always a set of guidelines that will determine how you should go about doing things in every project. Every time you are about to do something major or important, make it a point to consult your guide to see if you are on the right track. This will greatly reduce the chance that you will fail with the project or else commit mistakes.
Always there are problems so be prepared:
No matter what kind of project you have chosen to do, problems are inevitable. Do not get frustrated whenever a problem strikes. Have enough courage and determination to complete the project no matter the gravity of the issues you encounter. Have faith that whatever hindrance you may face while doing the project, you still have a chance to succeed and finish your endeavor. Believe that you have the potential to finish the work in within the allotted time.
As said, in mechanical engineering projects, preparation is the key to success. No matter what kind of project you choose, make sure that you take time to consider all the pertinent factors. Doing so will prepare you for whatever obstacles you might encounter as you try to finish your project. With ample preparation, too, you will be able to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge about the things that are important to the project's completion.

Monday, 17 October 2011

AutoCad Tutorial 07

Today i am going to discuss here the 7th tutorial of the Autocad. The main features which i will discuss in this class are listed below.

An object snap mode specifies a snap point at an exact location on an object. OSNAP specifies running object snap modes, which remain active until you turn them off.
  • Running object snap in AutoCad
  • Case by Case (temporary mode)
  • How to do OSNAP setting in AutoCad

Saturday, 15 October 2011

AutoCad Tutorial 06

Here is the new tutorial of Autocad after a long time... actually i was busy in my final year project of engineering....

The main things which i will discuss in this tutorial are listed here.

The basic topic of this tutorial is     DRAWING AIDS

And the things included in drawing aids are

  1. How to use snap command in Autocad
  2. Snap angle
  3. Grid command activation
  4. Uses of Grid command

Thursday, 13 October 2011

AutoCad Tutorial 05

Today i am going to upload here the 5th tutorial of Autocad... you will enjoy it a lot like the previous Tutorials... the main theme of this tutorial is to introduce and explain the basic display commands to you which are very important in Autocad.

Here is the list of commands which are explained in this tutorial.

  • how to use Zoom command in Autocad
  • how to use Pan command in Autocad
  • how to use Redraw and Regen command in Autocad
  • how to use Blipmode command in Autocad

If you need any help regarding any thing then you can contact me in the chat box. which is located on your right side....