Wednesday, 5 October 2011

AutoCad Tutorial 01

Some key points of this tutorial are given below

  1. How to start the AutoCAD
  2. Introduction to Graphics Screen of Autocad
  3. How to use Mouse in Autocad
  4. How to cancel the command in Autocad
  5. Menus and colors in Autocad
  6. Toolbars and How to adjust them and their use
  7. How to Load the Toolbar of your need
  8. Status bar and command prompt
  9. How to type a command in Autocad
  10. How to reissue the last command in Autocad
  11. Short cut keys used in autocad
  12. Function and Accelerator keys in Autocad
  13. how to use help menu

For details of all these topics you can download the pdf file here. In this file all the topics are discussed in detail.
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